Origami: How to fold a Photo Frame



You take some pictures on special occasions, don’t you?

I’ll show you how to make a photo frame

which you can decorate and keep those pictures in.


Even though we can make it with origami paper,

it’ll be more durable with a little thicker paper.


If you want to keep it for a long time or if your picture doesn’t fit it,

try other kinds of paper too.



How to fold a photo frame 1   A big photo frame


1.Fold it in half twice and make two creases along the dotted lines,

like the picture below.

B フォトフレーム_html_60062882

2.Make four more creases along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_157df913

3.Fold the top part down to the crease, along the dotted line.

B フォトフレーム_html_4317f726

4.Fold the bottom part up to a little above the middle line.

B フォトフレーム_html_3345f881

5.Fold both corners to the crease, along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_m291ee205

6.Fold both top corners up, along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_6f22dd4c

7.Fold both sides behind, along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_6c9010c3

8.Fold both corners up, along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_420293b0

9.Spread them a little, so that it can stand by itself.

B フォトフレーム_html_56f2b215

10.Flip it over, put in your card or picture, and it’s done!

B フォトフレーム_html_442229d7


How to fold a photo frame 2   A photo frame that you can connect with other ones together


1.Put the mark right in the middle and fold four corners to the middle.

B フォトフレーム_html_a719c42

2.Turn it over.

B フォトフレーム_html_1b61e090

3.Fold four corners to the middle.

B フォトフレーム_html_m3d88cbc0

4.Turn it over.

B フォトフレーム_html_6065c860

5.Fold four corners outside.

B フォトフレーム_html_m3d88cbc0

6.Insert your picture or card into the slit.

B フォトフレーム_html_m6348bf8a

7.And it’s done!

B フォトフレーム_html_4aa1e1c5


How to fold a photo frame 3   A shirt-shaped photo frame


1.Get a sheet of rectangular paper ready.

Divide it into four equal parts lengthways and make three creases.

B フォトフレーム_html_m2a95bb59

2.Fold it in half.

B フォトフレーム_html_10be667

3.Fold both corners along the dotted lines and make creases.

Fold them inside, along the creases that you made, as picture No.4 shows.

B フォトフレーム_html_m7b36d21f

4.Fold the top sheet up, along the dotted line.

B フォトフレーム_html_42d541d6

5.Fold both sides of only the top part to the middle crease.

B フォトフレーム_html_m3fa754e9

6.Fold both corners and make a crease.

B フォトフレーム_html_m350a84e9

7.Fold half of the top part behind.

B フォトフレーム_html_m7f01f1a9

8.Fold both corners along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_a7001c6

9.Fold both sides up, along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_m7361d4eb

10.Fold the bottom part up twice as if it rolls up.

B フォトフレーム_html_3a8bd3c8

11.Turn it over.

B フォトフレーム_html_ma782a0d

12.Fold both sides to the middle.

B フォトフレーム_html_m912c06d

13.Fold both corners along the dotted lines.

B フォトフレーム_html_4d9284f2

14.Insert your card or picture into the slit, and it’s done!


Aren’t they all cute?

You can put the second photo frame with other ones,

if you pull both sides and put them together with glue.


They are very useful

when you want to put many cards or pictures in them, aren’t they?

You can decorate them with anything thin such as the picture you draw

or the paper with your origami work too, other than cards or photos.


If it’s too light and easily falls down,

be sure to make the back of the frame more durable.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】