Origami: How to fold a Toothpick Case and a Chopstick Case



I’ll show you how to fold a toothpick case with origami paper.

It’s very useful to use for the guest at home or taking it to a picnic.


Since it’s easy to fold,

you can make some of them when you have time

so that you can use them right away when you need it.


It’s the best item to express a feeling of hospitality.

Why don’t you make use of them?



Origami   How to fold a toothpick case 1   Easy toothpick case


1.Get the origami paper with 5~8cm on every side ready.

Fold it in half.

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2.Divide it into three equal parts and fold it along the dotted lines.

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3.Insert both sides inside, along the covered lines.

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4.And it’s done!

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Origami   How to fold a toothpick case 2   A chopstick and toothpick case


1.Fold it in half.

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2.Fold it in half.

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3.Open the bag part and fold it to make a square.

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4.Do the same thing for the other side too.

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5.Fold the only top sheet in half and insert it inside.

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6.Change the direction.

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7.Turn it over.

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8.Divide it into three equal parts and fold it on top of each other.

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9.Insert the right corner into the triangle part.

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10.Turn it over.

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11.And it’s done!

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Origami   How to fold a toothpick case 3   A coaster and toothpick case


1.Get the rectangular paper ready.

Divide it into four equal parts and make creases.

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2.Fold the left bottom corner along the dotted line,

so that the corner meets the left crease.

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3.Let the middle crease and the left crease meet

and fold it along the dotted line.

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4.Fold it in half.

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5.Fold the right along the diagonal line of a hexagon.

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6.Fold it in half along the dotted line.

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7.Fold it in half along the dotted line.

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8.Fold the base of one side along the dotted line, and turn it over.

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9.And it’s done!

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A toothpick fits all the cases perfectly and they are all easy to use!

If you make two “Easy toothpick cases”

and put the one to the other one,

it’ll be a little stylish two-tone case.


The toothpick and chopstick cases are one of the must items

for hospitality in hotels.


With them, you can easily do the same thing at your house too!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】