Origami: How to fold a Card Case



One of my kids asked me to buy him the same wallet that my husband has,

since he thought that it was cool.


Since I couldn’t buy him one,

I decided to make him a cool wallet by myself even though it wouldn’t be exactly the same,

being cheated by the words,

“Maybe you can make it by yourself?”


Then I actually made the original card case with origami paper!

What kind of pattern will it be?  What colors do you want to use?

Let’s make it, being excited.



(1) How to make a Card Case (The one with three pockets)


1 Fold it in half so that white backside can be seen.

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2 Open it up and fold both sides at about 1cm down.

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3 Fold the top part down leaving about 1cm space

and the bottom part up leaving about 5mm space.

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4 Open it up and go back to instruction No.2.

5 Fold all four corners inside.

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6 Fold both sides to the creases that you made in No.3.

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7 Fold the right part behind at about 3cm.

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8 Turn it over, fold it in half and insert tow corners into each slit.

Make sure you fold in half nicely first, and insert.

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9 Finally, insert it into a little triangle pocket.

B カード入れ_html_1fb0d3e8

10 Change the direction, it’s done!

It’s got two pockets in the front and one in the back!

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It might be a little card case but it’s so cute, right?


If you make it with a big sheet of cartridge paper,

it’ll be bigger and might be cooler than your daddy’s.

Try it out!


(2) How to make a Card Case (The one with two pockets)


1 First, fold twice to make three equal rectangles,

make creases and put it back.

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2 Fold the left bottom corner up to the 2/3 of the crease that you made in No.1.

B カード入れ_html_m5e73c6a4

3 Fold the top part down to the triangle’s line that you made in No.2,

make a crease and put it back.

B カード入れ_html_5c4b88c6

4 Fold the bottom right part up to the crease that you made in No.3.

B カード入れ_html_3e036bed

5 Turn it over and fold both sides inside at about 3cm each.

B カード入れ_html_m71403ccc

6 Insert the top part into the slits you made in No.5.

It might be better to put some tape on it so that it won’t fall apart.

B カード入れ_html_m3f92fcd

7 Flip it over, and it’s done!

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This card case is practical since

you can put the cards both from the top and the side.


 If you have this, you will never wonder where

you put the card that you want to use, right?


They’re all easy to make, so why don’t you make them with your kids.

I’m sure they will have a fun time with them.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】