Origami: How to fold Heart-Shaped and Four-Leaf Clover-Shaped Bookmarks



I’ll show you how to make heart-shaped and four-leaf clover-shaped bookmarks

that you can use for books or magazines.

It looks so cute to see the top part of the heart sticking out a little from the book.


It might be a good idea to make your original one,

changing the sizes or patterns freely.

You will feel happy every time you start reading the book,

since you can see the cute heart.



How to fold a heart-shaped bookmark 1   Angel-heart bookmark


1. Fold it in half twice and make two creases, along the dotted lines.

B ハートのしおり_html_28e1bbbc

2. Fold both sides to the middle.

B ハートのしおり_html_m4552910f

3. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_19984610

4. Fold both bottom corners up.

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5. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_m109de40e

6. Fold it at 1/3 from the top down and smash the bag part,

as picture No.7 shows.

B ハートのしおり_html_1f2f65be

7. Fold both corners down.

B ハートのしおり_html_m7f157c5a

8. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_1e023bc8

9. Fold the top corners down.

B ハートのしおり_html_18cd4efd

10. And it’s done!

B ハートのしおり_html_m6a25d34e


How to fold a heart-shaped bookmark 2   Double-heart bookmark


1. Get a sheet of half-cut paper ready.  Fold it in half.

B ハートのしおり_html_mfc398f9

2. Fold both sides behind, 1/8th distance from the edges.

B ハートのしおり_html_6f7f8efa

3. Fold all corners to the middle.

B ハートのしおり_html_m886bd0b

4. Fold both sides to the middle, putting the white corner parts inside.

B ハートのしおり_html_3ef5685a

5. Fold both corners behind, as if you open and smash it.

B ハートのしおり_html_m64eaab2f

6. Fold each corner along the dotted lines.

B ハートのしおり_html_m6c0658eb

7. Fold each tip along the dotted lines.

B ハートのしおり_html_m125d617b

8. Turn it over and change the direction.

B ハートのしおり_html_79634da

9. Fold it in half, folding hearts like staircases, turning them.

B ハートのしおり_html_24fd09fe

10. And it’s done!

B ハートのしおり_html_m36b942a2


How to fold a heart-shaped bookmark 3   One point-heart bookmark


1. Fold it in half twice and make two creases.

B ハートのしおり_html_mfe8179e

2. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_m7fcd15d9

3. Fold it to the middle.

B ハートのしおり_html_88462e2

4. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_379c1dad

5. Fold both corners to the middle.

B ハートのしおり_html_3943a5c3

6. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_m65c2960f

7. Fold the bottom tip to the top line.

B ハートのしおり_html_1863a369

8. Turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_4f0606f9

9. Open the bag part and fold them as picture No.10 shows.

B ハートのしおり_html_5b5079d7

10. Fold the corners.

B ハートのしおり_html_ee370b2

11. Fold the triangles in half.

B ハートのしおり_html_4f12af42

12. Fold both sides to the middle.

B ハートのしおり_html_m254cefa9

13. Change the direction to upside down and turn it over.

B ハートのしおり_html_m5dd54157

14. And it’s done!

B ハートのしおり_html_m4784324d

15. If you make four and connect them together,

it will be a four-leave-clover shaped bookmark too.

B ハートのしおり_html_36db23d0


Put a book between the heart and the wings for the Angel-heart bookmark.

You can also use “double-heart bookmark”, putting it inside of the gift.

When you want to decorate the gift, please use it as a ribbon.


One point-heart bookmark can be a “four-leave-clover bookmark” too.

You can use it as a message card as well

if you fold the white part up and make a crease.


You can make use of them as you like.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】