Origami: How to fold a “Koma” (a Top)



Why don’t we fold one of the traditional toys

that we play with on New Year’s Day: “Koma” (a top)?

They are all easy to fold, let’s have fun making them with your kids!


You can actually spin one of them and play with it too,

so please enjoy a nostalgic Koma!



How to fold a top Ver.1


【Procedure of how to fold the origami】


1. Fold it in half.

B コマの折り方_html_77dbdf86

2. Fold if in half again.

B コマの折り方_html_m6cdd569d

3. Open it up all the way and fold both corners to the middle crease.

B コマの折り方_html_m78610b8

4. Turn it over and fold the top part to the middle crease.

B コマの折り方_html_m35faa61e

5. Make the handle part with something like a poster board,

put it on the top, and it’s done!

B コマの折り方_html_688039c4


How to fold a top Ver.2


【Procedure of how to fold the origami】


1. Fold it in half.

B コマの折り方_html_6e4d5814

2. Open it up and fold both sides to the crease.

B コマの折り方_html_m1d60d6b2

3. Turn it over and fold it along the dotted line.

B コマの折り方_html_6d04a657

4. It will be like the picture below.  Put it back.

B コマの折り方_html_m50ed24ed

5. Fold the tip down, like the picture below.

B コマの折り方_html_7cda0091

6. Fold it again to the crease.

B コマの折り方_html_684ca02c

7. Fold it along the dotted line of as in picture No.3 again.

B コマの折り方_html_13f553e4

8. Fold the bottom part behind, so that the tip sticks out a little.

B コマの折り方_html_m4af90e6a

9. Fold them along the dotted lines.

B コマの折り方_html_ma2fa2b

10. Turn it over and fold both sides to the middle crease.

B コマの折り方_html_34486c5c

11. Flip it over and it’s done!

B コマの折り方_html_721e111a


How to fold a top Ver.3


【Procedure of how to fold the origami】


1. Get two different colored sheets of paper ready.

B コマの折り方_html_1ddbd417

2. Divide it into three equal parts and make creases.

B コマの折り方_html_m3fbb6c6a

3. Fold both of the sheets.

B コマの折り方_html_2bc3f813

4. Fold them like the picture below.

B コマの折り方_html_m603e7c30

5. Put one on the other one, like the picture below.

B コマの折り方_html_m6b75ab90

6. Fold it in order.

B コマの折り方_html_m109ffa81


B コマの折り方_html_330815f1


B コマの折り方_html_m767d33ce

9. Lastly, insert the last one into the slit, like the picture below.

B コマの折り方_html_m2d6a053b

10. Insert the toothpick into the red star part.

B コマの折り方_html_610d8b60

11. And it’s done!

B コマの折り方_html_m2fbff1bb


Since the Ver1’s top is very easy to fold, even a little kid can fold it too.

Please put the handle made by something like poster board at the end.


The part that sticks out a little in No.8 of Ver2’s top, will be the handle part.


You can adjust that part on your own.

You can actually play with Ver3’s top with a toothpick stuck through it,

and spinning it around too.


Use caution and adult supervision for poking the toothpick

into the top (especially if children are doing it).

Also, if you put the top on the bottom part of the toothpick,

it will spin so well.


It will be fun to compete with who can spin it longer too.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】