Origami: How to fold an Arrow



When I was working in my office,

our staff wanted a unique direction board,

when a great idea flashed into my mind:

“I know!  I can make it with origami paper.


That idea unexpectedly got a high evaluation from other staff in my office.

I’m sure it will also please your kids too.


My origami hobby can sometimes be useful like this.

So, I’ll show you how to make some arrows this time.



Arrow (Cutting Type)


1 Fold it in half to make it rectangular, make a crease and put it back.

B 矢印_html_44c24d3

2 Fold both sides to the crease that you made in No.1, like the picture below.

B 矢印_html_m23e4b8db

3 Fold both sides to the same crease, make creases lightly.

(These creases needs cutting after this procedure.)

B 矢印_html_m3c97dbbf

4 Cut the creases that you made in No.3 except the triangle parts.

B 矢印_html_5929430a

5 Fold both sides up at the triangles’ lines, like the picture below.

B 矢印_html_eda4e15

6 Flip it over, and it’s done!

B 矢印_html_1dc5af9b


This is such a simple arrow but it is unexpectedly a useful item.


I used regular origami paper this time,

but if you use harder material such as drawing paper,

you can use them for various purposes such as a direction board saying

‘the 2nd floor is this way’,

or a message card as one of the items for the treasure hunting, saying

‘The treasure is this way!’,

which you can play with your kids too.


Arrow (Non-Cutting Type)


1 Fold it in half to make a triangle.

B 矢印_html_5c69a754

2 Fold only top layer down, leaving about one centimeter of the base, like the picture below.

Do the same thing for the other side too.

B 矢印_html_54310060

3 Open it up and fold the tip up, like the picture below.

B 矢印_html_m2bc4829b

4 Flip it over, and it’s done! Quick, right?

B 矢印_html_m45d6a9ab


This was the arrow that we can make easy and quick even without cutting it.


All the staff was watching me making it seriously until the last procedure,

when they all screamed, “that is corner-cutting!” at the same time.


Yes, it is.  Since it’s so easy to make, why don’t you make it.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】