Origami: How to fold a Tadpole



When I was a kid, I have screamed to see a strange creature in the big pool,

which I realized later, was actually a ‘tadpole’.


It would be so cute if there was only one of them,

but there were actually tons of them.

I was a little scared to see them…


I’ll show you how to fold a ‘tadpole’ which I felt a little scared from this time.



(1) A Tadpole which has a big head


1 Fold it half, make a crease and put it back.

B おたまじゃくし_html_m73a6035a

2 Fold both sides to the middle crease.

B おたまじゃくし_html_m3caacdcc

3 Fold the tip down, like the picture below.

B おたまじゃくし_html_6c73c9ee

4 Fold the bottom part up to meet the tip of the top triangle, like the picture below.

B おたまじゃくし_html_4e43ea72

5 The triangle that you just made (the bottom one) will be the tail.

Fold it so that it will stick out a little bit, like the picture below.

B おたまじゃくし_html_4f2aff57

6 Flip it over, and it’s done!

B おたまじゃくし_html_31bf3373


You can change the length of the tail by folding differently.

It will be more fun if you make many of them too.

You can enjoy making it with your kids too.


(2) A Tadpole (Normal)


1 Fold it in half.

B おたまじゃくし_html_4d756bb4

2 Fold it in half, again.

B おたまじゃくし_html_m3f462547

3 Open the bag part to fold and make a square, like the picture below.

B おたまじゃくし_html_1f13388f

4 Turn it over and for the triangle part to the middle crease, like the picture below.

B おたまじゃくし_html_11252211

5 Fold both sides a little bit, like the picture below.  Be sure not to make the tip sharp.

B おたまじゃくし_html_m30833db

6 Flip it over, and it’s done!

B おたまじゃくし_html_m4142e7c5


I showed this yellow tadpole to a kid saying, “Tada~~, here’s a tadpole!”

Then the kid goes, “No wayyy!  That one is not black!”

She complimented that this was prettier than the black one after all though.


She also said that that tadpole will become a pretty fish.

Don’t you think kids’ creative power is so rich?

What was my creative like when I was a kid?


Why don’t you make many pretty tadpoles too? 


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】