Origami: How to fold a Squid



Squid swim gracefully with ten arms in the sea.

We tend to think that they are one of the fish families

but I found out that they are actually the shellfish family.


Let’s make a squid which we are familiar with as a food,

with origami paper.


How to fold a squid Ver.1


This is the way we make with a sheet of origami paper.

We make arms with scissors at the end.


1. Get a sheet of origami paper ready.

Fold it in half four times to make creases along the dotted lines.


2. Fold it along the dotted line. (a valley fold)


3. Fold it along the dotted line and make a crease.


4. Fold it along the dotted lines.


5. Open the bag part to make a square as picture No.6 shows.


6. Fold it along the dotted line.


 7. Fold the corner toward the middle.


8. Fold it again.


9. Open the top triangle part and


10. do the same thing for the other side too.


11. Fold it in half along the dotted line.


12. Fold it down along the dotted line.


13. Cut them along the red lines with scissors.  They will be arms.


14. Turn it over and


15. draw eyes.  And it’s done!



It will become just like a real squid after we put eyes, right?

It looks like it is about to swim with its arms, doesn’t it?


You can try various kinds of squid with different sized origami paper too.

How to fold a squid Ver.2


We use two sheets of origami paper.

It will be a little bigger than the one of Ver.1.


1. Fold it in half.


2. Open it up and fold both corners to the middle along the dotted lines.


3. Turn it over.


4. Fold both sides to the middle along the dotted lines.


5. Fold the triangles that are sticking out up, along the dotted lines.


6. Fold both sides to the middle along the dotted lines.


7. And the body part is done!


8. Now, we are going to make arms.

With another sheet of origami paper, cut it thin like the picture below.


9. Put them with the body with glue.


10. Turn it over, and it’s done!



It looks more like surume (dried squid)?

Maybe that’s because of this color?


Of course you can draw eyes on it too!

You can adjust the length of arms, checking the balance.


Why don’t you make your own aquarium,

folding many fish other than squid?

I bet it will be fun.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】