Origami: How to fold a Dracula


  Dracula has sharp fangs, covered with a black mantle. Especially, Vampire Dracula are so scary, right? ・・・

Origami: How to fold a Scarecrow


  Even though we can rarely see scarecrows in a city, we often see them in a country side!★ They’re made ・・・

Origami: How to fold a Snowman


  You might want to make a snowman when the ground is covered with snow, right?★ I would make one and alw・・・

Origami: How to fold a Graphic Symbol (+,-,÷,=)


  Do you like math? You see so many symbols when you calculating, right?★   Today, I’ll show you how・・・

Origami: How to fold a Grave


  What’s your image of the grave like? Isn’t it a little scary when we pass the grave at night?   Th・・・

Origami: How to fold a Tea Cup ( a Rice Bowl)


  A white rice in a tea cup (a rice bowl).. The smell of freshly made rice makes us have an appetite!★ &n・・・

Origami: How to fold a Building


  Skyscraper rising toward the sky. This scenery with lots of buildings makes us feel that we are in the ・・・

Origami: How to fold Alphabet A


  Alphabet is just as familiar as Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji.   Actually, we can make them with ori・・・

Origami: How to fold a Fan


  When it’s hot, using a fan makes us cool, right?♪ We can use a fan for many purposes other than fanning・・・

Origami: How to fold a Beer


  I used to wonder what kind of taste beer was every time I saw adults enjoy drinking it, when I was a ch・・・

Origami: How to fold a Candle


  When electricity was not existed long ago, people were using candles for the light. Seeing a red flame ・・・

Origami: How to fold a Witch (Ornament for Halloween)


  Witches, who appear in fairy tales, are known to be a little mean.   Their special features are a ・・・

Origami: How to fold Litwick [Hitomoshi] (Pokemon)


  Litwick (Hitomoshi) is a candle-like Pokemon!★   Even though it looks cute, I’ve heard that it swa・・・

Origami: How to fold Chimchar [Hikozaru] (Pokemon)


  Chimchar (Hikozaru) is a small-monkey-like Pokemon!★   The fire on the haunches is blazing with ga・・・

Origami: How to fold Hoothoot (Pokemon)


  ‘Hoothoot’ is a Pokemon whose motifs are an owl and a clock!★ It’s said that Hoothoot was named after h・・・

Origami: How to fold Monster-ball (Pokemon)


  Monster-ball is a round-shape equipment to catch and save Pokemon!★ Its special features are a red and ・・・

Origami: How to fold Mudkip (Pokemon)


  One of the Pokemon, Mudkip (Mizugorou)’s model is mudskippers (a kind of fish) which live on the dry be・・・

Origami: How to fold Turtwig (Pokemon)


  ‘Turtwig (Naetoru)’ is a turtle which has seed leaves budding from its head. Its name is derived from ‘・・・

Origami: How to fold Eievui (Pokemon)


  Eievui is a mammal-type-Pokemon, whose special features are rabbit-like-long-ears and fluffy fur covere・・・

Origami: How to fold Powalen (Pokemon)


  Powalen is a fluffy, cloud-shape Pokemon. He has an ability to change his appearance to the sun, the ra・・・