Origami: How to fold “Orihime and Hikobosi” in the star festival



July 7 is Tanabata (star festival), isn’t it?

I bet many people have celebrated it,

decorating Tanzaku (a small piece of paper) which had your wish

on and other decoration on the bamboo grass.


Why don’t you decorate “Orihime and Hikoboshi” made

with origami paper on Tanabata this year?

You can also write your wish on Orihime and Hikoboshi

with Tanzaku and welcome July 7 too!



How to make Orihime and Hikoboshi ver1


First, let’s make cute Orihime and Hikoboshi

just like kokeshi (Japanese traditional doll) with origami paper!

It will be even prettier if you draw some patterns on the kimono too.

【How to fold Orihime】

1. First, get a half-cut origami paper ready.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m4d8a2fc

2. Fold it in half.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_782137d1

3. Fold it in half again.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_6c35a663

4. Open it up all the way.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_2f086661

5. Fold both sides to the middle crease, like the picture below.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_1baa6ebf

6. Open it up and fold the right side to the crease that you made in No.2.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m5f002613

7. Open it up again and fold the same part to the crease that you made in No.6.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m37d90262

8. Fold the part that you folded in No.7, as if you roll it.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_mc5dff7a

9. Fold the left side to the crease that you made in No.2.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_3bf2f87d

10. Cut the dotted lines with scissors.  Leave the middle part uncut.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_76806373

11. Change the direction and fold both sides toward the middle,

like the picture below.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m1bdabafe

12. Fold both sides along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_229f3280

13. Fold both corners behind. (a mountain fold)

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m2679b623

14. Draw a face and the Orihime is done!

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m323fc5ba

【How to make Hikoboshi】

1. Next, we’ll fold Hikoboshi.

Get a different colored sheet of paper from Orihime.

Follow the same procedure of Orihime to No.11.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m143a203e

2. Turn it over.  Fold all the corners along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_6838c59c

3. Fold them along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m6cdf4fc7

4. It will be like the picture below.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m7789fad6

5. Flip it over, draw a face of Hikobosi and it’s done!

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m3415ca2b


How was it?  It was tricky in the middle, wasn’t it?

Please help your child with doing the cutting part, if a child does it alone.

How to make Orihime and Hikoboshi ver2


Now, we will fold a little different type of Orihime and Hikoboshi with Tanzaku.

What kind of wish do you write on Tanzaku on Tanabata?


1. First, get two sheets of triangle paper with different colors ready.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_7ada4a9b

2. Facing the white (back) part up, put them, shifting a little, like the picture below.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m7ca53fa

3. Fold the left side, like the picture below. (a valley fold)

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m5c2dc740

4. Fold the other side too, so that it overlaps the other side.

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_78ed5237

5. Put the part that you folded in No.3, a star and Tanzaku with glue, and it’s done!

B 織り姫・彦星の折り方_html_m1ca15eee


Shifting two sheets of paper makes kimono’s collar

of ver2 of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

They look cute, don’t they?


You can arrange your own Orihine and Hikoboshi,

by using gold colored origami for a star too.


It will be a wonderful bamboo decoration if you write your wishes on Tanzaku too!

Why don’t you decorate Orihime and Hikoboshi

with various kinds of bamboo decoration!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】