Origami: How to fold a Halloween Pumpkin (Jack-O’-Lantern)



The other day,

I saw some Halloween-style hats on sale in a tofu store near my house.


Why on earth do they sell them in a TOFU STORE?

Wondering why, I’ve heard that they will have a festival in our town.


Those are the hats for the festival. Lol

And those hats made me feel like making a Halloween ghost with origami paper♪




How to fold a Pumpkin (Pumpkin longer than is wide)


1 Fold the origami paper in half to make it rectangular.


C かぼちゃ_html_407d18e1


2 Cut it along the crease you made in No.1.


C かぼちゃ_html_7f6a55aa


3 Use one of them and fold in half lengthwise,

and do the same thing two more times so that

you can divide the paper into eight parts when you open it.

Open the paper and do a mountain fold

and a valley fold by turns along the creases you made in NO.3.


C かぼちゃ_html_m3a4fd65d


4 Fold each corner of the middle part and put it inside

and fold along the crease you just made like the picture below.


C かぼちゃ_html_m5283086d


5 Fold the four corners of the paper inside.


C かぼちゃ_html_m20dfe5bb


6 It’s done when you draw the face!


C かぼちゃ_html_50ac5c05


Here is a Pumpkin ghost longer than is wide.

I was laughed at by people since it has a little long face and it looks like a real pumpkin man!!

Why don’t you make a funny-looking pumpkin that can make people laugh too!!! Lol


How to fold a Pumpkin (Pumpkin wider than it is tall)


1 First, fold it in half and make a triangle.


C かぼちゃ_html_583063c9

2 Fold it in half again to make another triangle.


C かぼちゃ_html_m60e6864d


3 Expand one of the triangles that you just made and make a square like the picture below.

Turn it over and do the same thing and make another square.


C かぼちゃ_html_72fa47e7


4 Put it like a diamond and make the side with three layers down.

Then fold the upper part towards the middle line

and fold it inside along the crease you just made like the picture below.

Do the same thing for the other side.


C かぼちゃ_html_m60dd6920


5 Do the same thing at both sides for the top part too.


C かぼちゃ_html_3768a214


6 Fold the upper corner inside like the picture below.


C かぼちゃ_html_m55d006e7

7 Do the same thing for the bottom corner too.


 C かぼちゃ_html_71c1ffe2


8 Do the same things for both sides and draw your own face on it.

Now, ‘Pumpkin’s ghost’ is done!

C かぼちゃ_html_2a61eec3


The second one (Pumpkin wider than it is long) is more like a real pumpkin

than the first one (Pumpkin longer than is wide), maybe?

I think that is more familiar to you too.


Well everybody, let’s make a lot of your original origami pumpkins

and even enjoy surprising your family or friends hiding only one ‘ghost pumpkin’ in there.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】