Origami: How to fold a Doughnut



Adults, children…. everybody’s favorite, doughnuts!

It’s so fun to choose your favorite flavor or topping too.


We can fold the regular doughnut which has a hole in the middle,

by using two sheets of origami paper too.


If you can make lots of them,

you can play like you have a doughnuts bakery with your children too.



How to fold a doughnut ver1


This is the one that you only need one sheet of origami paper.


1. Fold it in half twice and make two creases, like the picture below.


2. Cut it in half with scissors.


3. Divide each one into three equal parts and fold them.


4. Fold them along the dotted lines.


5. Insert each part into the other slits.


6. If you did it, turn it over.


7. Draw your favorite pattern and it’s done!



This is so easy that even children can make it by themselves.

You can arrange the various patterns at the end too.♥

How to fold a doughnut ver2


This is the one that we use eight miniature sheets of origami paper

and put them together.

It’s a little more complicated than the ver1’s doughnut.


1. Get two sheets of origami paper ready.

We use different color-sheets of paper so that you can fold it easily.

But you can use the same colored ones too.

Fold it in half twice and make creases for each one.


2. Cut them along the creases to make eight small sheets of paper.


3. Using one sheet of paper, fold it in half and make a crease.


4. Fold both corners down to the middle crease.


5. Fold it in half.


6. Fold it along the dotted line and make a crease. (a valley fold)


7. Put it back to No.5.


8. Fold them along the creases that you made.

(a mountain fold for a blue line, a valley fold for a red line)



9. The part is done!


10. Make the other seven the same way too, to make eight parts.


11. We will put all the parts together.

Insert the one which is not separated into the one that is separated,

like the picture below.



12. Insert the part that sticks out into the slit.


13. It will be like the picture below.


14. Lastly, insert the last one which is sticking out into the first one,

to make a loop.


15. And the doughnut is done!



If you draw some toppings such as

chocolate and sugar on the top with pens or pencils,

they will be more realistic.


You can also make big-sized or small-sized doughnuts

using each size’s origami paper.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】