Origami: How to fold an Apple



Autumn is the best season for apples too, isn’t it?

Apples are one of the popular fruits among people of all generations

because they are so sweet and delicious.


They’re delicious by themselves,

but we can also enjoy them for their juice, pies, cakes and jam!


Since apples look so pretty,

they will be even prettier if you draw a face on an origami apple!

Why don’t you fold it with your children??



How to fold an apple ver1


1. First, fold it in half.

B りんごの折り方_html_17d52cb2

2. Fold only the top layer in half, like the picture below.

B りんごの折り方_html_3ce5dc68

3. Fold it in half, make a crease and put it back.

B りんごの折り方_html_57a1d557

4. Fold both sides to the crease, like the picture below.

B りんごの折り方_html_m3a705f26

5. Fold all corners a little, like the picture below.

B りんごの折り方_html_m219a309f

6. Turn it over.

B りんごの折り方_html_m776b32b1

7. Make a leaf and a calyx with something like poster board,

attach with glue, and it’s done!

B りんごの折り方_html_2a83131d


How to fold an apple ver2


1. First, fold it in half.

B りんごの折り方_html_5a7d0a7e

2. Put it back and fold both sides to the crease.

B りんごの折り方_html_m1c0a18e5

3. Fold the top tip, like the picture below.

B りんごの折り方_html_m4315116e

4. Fold it along the dotted line, so that it sticks out, as picture No.5 shows.

B りんごの折り方_html_m1e409120

5. It will be like the picture below.

B りんごの折り方_html_5589375f

6. Fold both sides to inside, along the dotted lines.

B りんごの折り方_html_m55c04096

7. Fold them to inside, along the dotted lines again.

B りんごの折り方_html_m274c7f4d

8. Fold the tip to outside, along the dotted line.

B りんごの折り方_html_353011b6

9. Flip it over, and it’s done!

B りんごの折り方_html_7a748f1d


The round apple, even an origami apple, looks delicious, doesn’t it?


You can make a leave

and a calyx individually and put them together at the end.

You can arrange and make various types of apples;

by changing the place you put the leaf.


Also, you can give it to somebody as a gift,

if you make it with bigger origami paper or poster board,

and put the message card into the bag part too!


What’s more?  By changing the calyx leaf color of ver1 of apple,

they will become a persimmon or a pear too!

Try your favorite fruits!


You can also make a green apple, if you use greenish yellow origami paper.


You can make a separated leaf or calyx

by drawing or with something like poster board

and put it on the ver2 of apple too,

since it is made only by one sheet of paper.

It will be more realistic that way!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】