Origami: How to fold a Morning Glory 1



When I was organizing my old albums,

I found a picture of a morning glory which I grew for a summer assignment…

I remembered that I was having a hard time growing it.


I hope the bud will come out soon…  I hope it will grow soon…

Thinking about that, I felt like folding it with origami paper.



(1) How to fold a Morning Glory (Petals)


1 Face origami’s front side up, make two creases with the valley fold.

B カーネーション_html_66d4e6b

2 Open it up and fold two sides diagonally with the mountain fold, this time.

B カーネーション_html_m57ef97ba

3 Fold it along (using) the creases to make a square.

B カーネーション_html_513d6988

4 Fold both sides of the top layer along the middle crease.

B カーネーション_html_m2d948f3b

Fold the same way for the other side too.  (The loop part at the bottom)

B カーネーション_html_52c089e5

5 Fold it in half, make a crease and put it back.

B あさがお_html_2b7cbd5a

6 Cut the petal parts round with scissors, like the picture below.

B あさがお_html_302c1cab

7 Open only the part between left and right sides and put the petal out nicely.

Fold the other petals toward you.

Adjust all the petals well, and it’s done!


The morning glory grows in a day if we use the origami paper.

Where did the hard day (growing during summer time) go… Lol

Why don’t you make your original cute morning glory with colorful

and patterned-origami paper?


(2) How to fold a Morning Glory (The one with leaves)


1 Get ready for two sheets of origami paper with different sizes.

B あさがお_html_m6d7eef0c

2 Fold the bigger one half to make a triangle and fold it again

to make another triangle.

B あさがお_html_fe19a63

3 Open one triangle and fold it to make a square.

Do the same thing for the other side too.

B あさがお_html_64f63553

4 Make a crease to make a triangle along the middle line.

Open the part you opened.  Do the same thing for the other side too.

B あさがお_html_m52a89f6b

5 Do the same things for the other squares.

You have to do it four times in total.

B あさがお_html_m759f1ee8

6 Fold the top triangle part down.

B あさがお_html_m52e0d3af

7 Open it all the way and fold it inside.

B あさがお_html_m4e73ac5f

B あさがお_html_4564f92c

8 Fold it down to make a triangle.

B あさがお_html_m21d515e

9 Fold the bottom part up to the line which is a little lower than the middle.

B あさがお_html_m70b561b0

10 Open each petal nicely and slowly.

B あさがお_html_26db8a44

11 Fold the other small origami paper in half to make a triangle,

and fold it in half again to make another triangle.

This is going to be the leaves’ part.

B あさがお_html_m1418ae22

12 Open the triangle and fold it along the middle line to make another triangle.

Do the same thing for the other side too.

B あさがお_html_2a1889bf

13 Fold a little fatty triangle at the bottom.

B あさがお_html_5cd41ed7

15 Change the direction; fold the bottom parts to make triangles.

Flip it over, and the leaves’ part is done!

B あさがお_html_40256a8a

16 Put the petals and leaves together, and it’s done!

Even though it’s a little difficult to fold, once you get used to it, you feel it’s easy.


 You can make a very pretty morning glory with your favorite color and size,

so let’s try it!


Little kids might need some help from adults,

but if you fold it together, they can make it.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】