Origami: How to fold a Cherry Blossom



Spring is the best season for taking a walk.

There are lots of beautiful flowers too.


I like the pink petals the most among them.

They always relax me so much.

Speaking of the pink petals,

‘a cherry blossom’ is the most familiar to you, isn’t it?


I felt like making it with origami paper.



(1)How to fold a Cherry Blossom (A Petal)


1 Fold it in half to make a triangle.

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2 Fold both sides to the middle, make creases and put the mark on the creases.

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3 Fold both sides to the place

which is right in the middle of the mark you put and the top.

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4 Fold the left side to a little more right side than the middle.

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5 The part you folded in No.4 to the left along the triangle’s line

that you folded in No.3.

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6 Fold the part you folded in No.5 to the left again.

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7 Draw the lines of petals with something like a pencil.

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8 Open it up, and it’s a petal.  It was so quick, right?

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You can enjoy the different atmosphere only by changing the size and color.

Why don’t you make a pretty petal with your favorite color

or patterned origami paper?


(2) How to fold a Cherry Blossom (A Branch)


1 Let’s fold the branch’s part.  First, fold it in half to make a triangle.

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2 Open it up and fold both sides to the crease.

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3 Fold it in half crossways and fold the right side up.

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4 Put it and the petal together, and it’s done!

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If you crumple the petal, it’ll be more like a real one, maybe?

 Please make many petals of cherry blossom with your favorite color.


Let’s enjoy it with your kids!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】