Origami: How to fold an Acorn



I bet many people used to pick up some acorns and play with them when little.

You can enjoy various ways of playing with them,

by making koma (a top) or a maracas putting some of them in it.


You’ll love origami acorns too!

They look so cute with their hats on.



How to fold an acorn ver1


1. First, we will make a nut part.  Fold it in half.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_m6b681338

2. Fold it in half again.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_126d5d6e

3. Open it up all the way and fold both corners to the middle crease.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_306f3a11

4. Fold both sides to the middle crease again, like the picture below.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_49739fe9

5. Fold it down, along the dotted line.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_m314ff7e5

6. And the nut part is done!

B どんぐりの折り方_html_m6249736d

7. Now, we will make a hat part.  First, fold it in half.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_175f7222

8. Fold it in half again.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_m5c958ded

9. Open it up all the way and fold the bottom part to the middle.

B どんぐりの折り方_html_1e1d46b7

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