Origami: How to fold Mew (Pokemon)



Mew is a very popular character among all the characters

of Pocket Monster which kids love.


This was said to have been extinct already

but it is also believed to be living in the up-country of jungle in South America.

It’s a legendary Pokemon!


Let’s fold such a popular Mew with Origami paper!



Origami How to fold Mew Ver,1



1.Make creases along the lines.

Do a mountain fold for the solid lines and do a valley fold for the dotted lines.



2.Fold it, putting ‘★’ and ‘☆’ together.



3.Fold it along the dotted lines and make creases.



4.Open the bag part and fold it along the creases.



5.It will be like the picture below.  Do the same thing for the other side too.



6.Fold it along the dotted line.



7.Fold it in half along the dotted line.



8.Turn it over and fold it the same way for the other side too.



9.Fold them along the dotted lines and make creases.

Fold each side, using the creases that you made as picture No.10 shows.



10.Do the same thing along the dotted lines as picture No.11 shows.



11.Fold three corners behind along the dotted lines.



12.Pinch the cheek parts a little.  Fold the extra part of the ears behind.



 13.Fold a face of Mew, and it’s done♪



Origami How to fold Mew Ver,2



1.Cut the origami paper in half beforehand.

Fold it in half and make a crease.  Fold both sides to the middle crease.



2.Fold the top side down in half.



3.Make a triangle.



4.Open it from the slits and make a ship-like shape.



5.Fold it up.



6.Fold both sides along the dotted lines.



7.Fold the ears’ part along the dotted lines.  Turn it over.



8.Fold the ears’ part behind along the dotted lines and adjust it.



9.Fold the cheeks’ parts behind.



10.Adjust it to make it look like a face.  (Smash the cheeks’ parts with your thumb.)



11.Draw a face of Mew and it’s done♪



Even though it looks difficult to fold, they all look real, right?


Make light blue version’s Mew changing the color of the origami paper too!

If you put them together, they will be so cute!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】