Origami: How to fold Medamaoyaji



Medama Oyaji is Kitaro’s father, appearing in ‘Gegege-no-Kitaro’,

written by a cartoonist, Mizuki Shigeru.


He has a weird looking body with his an eye-shaped head.

He was born as a Kitaro’s eye with his strong thought of worrying about his son (Kitaro).


Anyone whose childhood were with this ‘Gegege-no-Kitaro’

will remember his high-pitched voice,

‘Kitaro! quite easily!


Let’s fold such weird-looking Medama Oyaji with origami paper!


★Origami How to fold Medama Oyaji Ver.1




【How to fold】


1)Fold it in half to make a triangle.



2)Open it up and change the direction.

Fold the top corner down along the crease, like the picture below.



3)Turn it over and fold both sides to the middle along the dotted lines.


1目玉のおやじ3 2


4)Open it up and fold the left side so that the ‘〇’ and the dotted line meet.


1目玉のおやじ4 2


5)Open the bag part with the dotted lines.


1目玉のおやじ5  2

1目玉のおやじ5  3


6)Fold the right side to the middle

and open the bag part just like you did in the opposite side.


1目玉のおやじ6  2

1目玉のおやじ6  3


7)Turn it over.  Fold each corner behind along the dotted lines.



8)Fold the bottom corners behind again.


1目玉のおやじ8 2


9)Cut it along the lines with scissors.


1目玉のおやじ9 2


10)Draw a face and it’s done!

1目玉のおやじ10 last


★Origami How to fold Medama Oyaji Ver.2




【How to fold】


1)Fold it in half twice to make two triangles.



2)Open it up and fold both sides to the middle.

2目玉のおやじ2 1

2目玉のおやじ2 2


3)Open it up and fold the other side of both sides to the middle.

2目玉のおやじ3 1

2目玉のおやじ3 2


4)Open it up and fold each side along the dotted lines.


2目玉のおやじ4 2


5)Fold both sides to the middle along the dotted lines.



6)Again, fold both sides toward the middle along the dotted lines.


2目玉のおやじ6 2


7)Fold it in half.



8)Fold the bottom corners along the dotted lines and put them inside,

like the pictures below.


2目玉のおやじ8    2


2目玉のおやじ8    3

2目玉のおやじ8    4


9)Draw an eye, and the face part is done!



10)Next, we will make a body part.  Cut it in half.



11)Fold it at 1/3 line from the edge.



12)Fold both corners along the dotted lines.



13)Fold them again to make it more sharp.


2目玉のおやじ13 2


14)Fold the corner No.1 down and fold the corner No.2 behind,

along the dotted lines.



15)Fold the it from the ‘〇’ part.


2目玉のおやじ15  2

2目玉のおやじ15  3


16)Cut it along the line with scissors and fold them along the dotted line.


2目玉のおやじ16 2


17)Put the face on to the body and it’s done!



I showed you two patterns

(making both a face and a body at the same time,

and making them separately) today!


The image of No.2’s Medama Oyaji is laying down

on the floor after taking a bath.


Actual Medama Oyaji is small enough to be on our palm!

So Origami Medama Oyaji is just like the real one!


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】