Origami: How to fold Bary-san



Bary-san was born and raised in Imabari, Ehime,

which is famous for Yakitori (grilled meat on a stick)!


He always wears a crown whose image is Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi (a big bridge)

and a towel-type stomach band

and carries a ship-shape wallet that is specially ordered.


Let’s fold the Yuru Chara (cute, cuddly, and sometimes bizarre mascot),

Bary-san, whose motif is Imabari’s industry,

food and sightseeing with origami paper!



★Origami How to fold Bary-san Ver.1




【How to fold】


1)Fold it in half twice to make two triangles.



2)Open it up and fold it in half twice again to make a triangle.



3)Open it up and fold both sides to the middle.



4)Again, fold both sides to the middle.



5)Open the bag part and fold it along the creases, like the pictures below.

1バリィさん5 1

1バリィさん5 2

1バリィさん5 3


6)Open only the right side to 90 degrees, like the pictures below.

1バリィさん6 1

1バリィさん6 2


7)Turn it over and fold arms’ parts behind along the dotted lines.


1バリィさん7 2


8)Again, fold them to the front, like the picture below.



9)Fold the legs’ parts behind along the dotted lines.


1バリィさん9 2

1バリィさん9 3


10)Again, fold them like the picture below.

1バリィさん10 2


11)Turn it over and put the stomach band in the dotted parts.


1バリィさん11 2


12)Draw a face and it’s done!

1バリィさん12 last


★Origami How to fold Bary-san Ver.2




How to fold


1)Fold it to make a triangle, leaving a space on the edge.



2)Fold the bottom part up.



3)Fold it down along the dotted line.



4)Change the direction to upside down and fold it inside along the dotted line.


2バリィさん4 2


5)Fold the tip inside to make a triangle, along the dotted line.



6)Fold it toward outside along the dotted line.



7)Do the same thing for the other side too.



8)Fold both corners inside along the dotted lines.



9)Fold both corners up along the dotted lines.



10)Fold the bottom part up along the dotted line.


2バリィさん10 2


11)Turn it over and cut the bottom part along the line with scissors.

Fold both triangles behind along the dotted lines.


2バリィさん11 2


12)Turn it over and put the colored paper of a stomach band with glue.



13)Draw a face and it’s done!



“Nandemo Kiiton, Oshietageruken”

(Feel free to ask me.  I’ll tell you, okay?)

This is how Bary-san speaks in Imabari dialect!


He represents Imabari with a crown

whose image is Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi

and locally made towel-type stomach band.


Even though he looks cute with short arms,

legs and round eyes,

look at that stomach band….

Why don’t you fold such an attractive unbalanced Bary-san with your child?


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】