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Origami: How to fold Plusle and Minun (Pokemon)


  Plusle and Minun are Pokemon, which has red and blue ears like a rabbit and the marks ‘plus’ and ‘minus・・・

Origami: How to fold Groudon (Pokemon)


  Groudon is a dinosaur-like Pokemon!★ It’s been said to have created the land, and fought against Kaiorg・・・

Origami: How to fold Freezer (Pokemon)


  Freezer is a legendary bird-Pokemon, which has long wings and a tail!★   It really looks elegant, ・・・

Origami: How to fold Kyogre (Pokemon)


  Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon living in Houen region, symbolizing the sea.★  

Origami: How to fold Jirachi (Pokemon)


  Jirachi is a miracle Pokemon whose motif is Tanabata (the Star Festival)♪   This monster wakes up ・・・

Origami: How to fold Shaymin (Pokemon)


  Miracle Pokemon, Shaymin, appeared in ‘Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl’ for the first time.   He has ・・・

Origami: How to fold Mario Mushroom


   Mario’s mushroom is a staple character in the popular game soft ‘Mario Series’ which was released by N・・・

Origami: How to fold Drakee (Dragon Quest)


  ‘Drakee’ is a popular monster appearing in Dragon Quest Series. It’s a bird-type monster whose ability ・・・

Origami: How to fold Zassou (Sumikkogurashi)


  Zassou (weed) is one of the ‘Sumikkogurashi’ characters. She has a positive character, which is rare am・・・

Origami: How to fold Tonkatsu (Sumikkogurashi)


  When they ride a train, they try to sit at the very end (sumikko) of the seat. When they go to a café, ・・・

Origami: How to fold Moon (Line)


  LINE Original characters have been so popular even outside of the LINE♪  

Origami: How to fold Brown (LINE)


  Brown is the original character of LINE. Having delicate and honest mind, Brown has no emotion on his f・・・

Origami: How to fold Cony (LINE)


   ‘Cony’ is a very popular LINE character along with bear character ‘Brown’.   Unlike Brown, she is・・・

Origami: How to fold Slime (Dragon Quest)


  Speaking of a staple monster of Dragon Quest, it’s Slime, right?★ It was designed by a cartoonist, Tori・・・

Origami: How to fold Medamaoyaji


  Medama Oyaji is Kitaro’s father, appearing in ‘Gegege-no-Kitaro’, written by a cartoonist, Mizuki Shige・・・

Origami: How to fold Kiiroitori [Yellow Bird] (Rilakkuma)


  Kiiroitori (yellow bird) is one of the characters of Rilakkuma series. It’s Kaoru-san’s pet and literal・・・

Origami: How to fold Bary-san


  Bary-san was born and raised in Imabari, Ehime, which is famous for Yakitori (grilled meat on a stick)!・・・

Origami: How to fold Catbus [Nekobasu] (Totoro)


  Catbus (‘Nekobasu’ in Japanese) is a mysterious huge wild-cat shape creature appearing in Totoro, which・・・

Origami: How to fold Youkai Watch (Youkai Watch)

Youkai Watch

  With Youkai Watch, we can see monsters anybody can’t see. The real Youkai Watch, which we can call mons・・・

Origami: How to fold Nebuta (Youkai Watch)


  If you are obsessed by it, you will just fall asleep…  Maybe everybody is obsessed by this monste・・・