Origami: How to fold Litwick [Hitomoshi] (Pokemon)


  Litwick (Hitomoshi) is a candle-like Pokemon!★   Even though it looks cute, I’ve heard that it swa・・・

Origami: How to fold Chimchar [Hikozaru] (Pokemon)


  Chimchar (Hikozaru) is a small-monkey-like Pokemon!★   The fire on the haunches is blazing with ga・・・

Origami: How to fold Hoothoot (Pokemon)


  ‘Hoothoot’ is a Pokemon whose motifs are an owl and a clock!★ It’s said that Hoothoot was named after h・・・

Origami: How to fold Monster-ball (Pokemon)


  Monster-ball is a round-shape equipment to catch and save Pokemon!★ Its special features are a red and ・・・

Origami: How to fold Mudkip (Pokemon)


  One of the Pokemon, Mudkip (Mizugorou)’s model is mudskippers (a kind of fish) which live on the dry be・・・

Origami: How to fold Turtwig (Pokemon)


  ‘Turtwig (Naetoru)’ is a turtle which has seed leaves budding from its head. Its name is derived from ‘・・・

Origami: How to fold Eievui (Pokemon)


  Eievui is a mammal-type-Pokemon, whose special features are rabbit-like-long-ears and fluffy fur covere・・・

Origami: How to fold Powalen (Pokemon)


  Powalen is a fluffy, cloud-shape Pokemon. He has an ability to change his appearance to the sun, the ra・・・

Origami: How to fold Yajilon (Pokemon)


  Yajilon is a strange Pokemon, which moves with one leg, spinning around!★ We can see Yajiron in the anc・・・

Origami: How to fold Chicorita (Pokemon)


  Chicorita is a grass-type-Pokemon, whose special feature is a big leaf on the head!★   With its gr・・・

Origami: How to fold Poliwag (Pokemon)


  Poliwag (Nyoromo) is a tadpole-shaped Pokemon!★   Its special features are a black body, red and t・・・

Origami: How to fold Taneboh (Pokemon)


  Taneboh is a Pokemon who looks like an acorn!★   He sticks his head to the branch and swallows wat・・・

Origami: How to fold Manaphy (Pokemon)


  Manaphy is a Pokemon, which looks like Clione (sea angel), born in the bottom of the cold water.★ &nbsp・・・

Origami: How to fold Celebi (Pokemon)


  Celebi is a legendary Pokemon, which has an ability to manipulate time. It has a green body with beauti・・・

Origami: How to fold Snivy (Pokemon)


  Snivy is (‘Tsutarja’ in Japanese) is a “Grass-type Pokémon” with a grass-like tail, hands and legs. &nb・・・

Origami: How to fold Manene (Pokemon)


  Manene is a Pokemon, which literally imitates (‘maneru’ in Japanese) how people act and make them confu・・・

Origami: How to fold Treecko (Pokemon)


  Treecho is said to be a Pokemon which keeps guard over the forests.★ It is green and a-wall-lizard-and-・・・

Origami: How to fold Achamo (Pokemon)


  Achamo is Pokemon whose motif is a chick. Its special charms are a small beak and black cute eyes with ・・・

Origami: How to fold Togepy (Pokemon)


  Togepy is so cute with its sharp head and an egg shell!★ It’s also called a happy symbol since it can g・・・

Origami: How to fold Pochama (Pokemon)


  Pochama is a baby-penguin-shaped Pokemon!★ It’s such a popular Pokemon among children, with its adorabl・・・