Origami: How to fold a Bus



Children love a bus which can carry so many people at one time.

Unlike our cars, we feel special if we ride a bus and go somewhere, don’t we?


Boys also like to play with mini-cars, right?


Why don’t you make origami bus which children can play with?

I’ll show you two patterns of buses this time.



①    How to fold a Bus1


It’s so easy!

 Even children can fold it easily too.


1. Fold it in half and make a crease.


2. Fold it in half width-wise next.


3. Fold only the top sheet in half width-wise again.


4. Fold them along the dotted lines.


5. Turn it over.


6. Draw windows or a door and it’s done!



It was quick, wasn’t it?

If you draw windows or animals inside, it will be more realistic.


②    How to fold a Bus2


This will be smaller than the Bus1, since it’s more complicated.

If you want to make a bigger bus,

use a bigger-sized sheet of origami paper, okay?


1. Fold it in half.


2. Fold only the top sheet in half.


3. Fold them along the dotted lines and make creases.


4. Open the bag parts and fold them as picture No.5 shows.


5. Fold both sides along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)


6. Fold both corners along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)


7. Fold it up and insert it into the bag part.


8. Fold both sides along the dotted lines. (a valley fold)


9. Change the direction.


10. Fold them along the dotted lines, make bags and fold them again. (a mountain fold)



11. Fold them up. (a valley fold)


12. Flip it over, draw windows or doors, and it’s done!



You can play with cars if you fold some other kinds of cars,

such as regular cars or trucks too.


You can enjoy having them run on the table, and make a parking lot….


Boys love to play with cars.

Of course you can buy the ones sold in the store,

but you can arrange however you like if you make origami cars.


【Translated by  Kana Toda PIERCE】